Our Services

Overnight Care

For many, overnight care is essential. Whether it’s getting to and from the toilet or having somebody close by, especially for those suffering from dementia which can leave the individual confused and prone to falls and accidents, our Overnight carers make sure you or your loved one are taken care of from dusk ‘til dawn.

If you’re after peace of mind during the night, the In Fusco Browne Healthcare team will help you sleep a little easier.

What is Overnight Care?

Overnight Care gives you peace of mind should you need help during the night. This can be especially comforting for those with physical disabilities who struggle to get to the loo or for those with dementia who may feel isolated and confused.

Our overnight services include:

Dressing / undressing

Helping you in and out of bed

Assisting you getting to and from the bathroom

Administration of medicine

Repositioning those unable to move on their own

You can request as little or as much care as you need during the night, and we have both ‘Awake’ and ‘Asleep’ Overnight Care options available.